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The Guiding Beacon Public Safety Technology Center is dedicated to designing, developing, testing
and implementing innovative new tools to support forensic, law enforcement and public safety

VICTIMS Project:
The goal of VICTIMS is to provide a federally-sponsored national database of unidentified human
remains that will organize the effort of Law Enforcement, Medical Examiners and Coroners, Missing
Persons Clearinghouse personnel, other forensic specialists in th identification field and the public.  
VICTIMS is performed under contract with the
Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Forensic Canine Program
The goal of the Forensic Canine Program is to develop new and innovative training and operational
techniques in support of forensic, public safety and environmental security. A major criteria in the
development of these techniques is to provide for rigorous scientific review and validation of all
capabilities.  Once validated the Guiding Beacon Working Dog School trains and deploys specially
trained Forensic Canine in conjunction with a variety of public safety officials.
Public Safety Technology Development Center
Public Safety Services Group
Public Safety Services Group
The Guiding Beacon Public Services Group helps
low enforcement and public safety agencies
tackle their most difficult problems

  • Program Development
  • Feasibility Studies and Analysis
  • Strategic Technology Solutions
  • Technology Development and
  • Working Dog School
  • Public Safety Technology Development
The Problem
A major federal law enforcement agency had devleop
a new innovative forensic capability.  However, they
faced a number of obstacles in implementing and
deploying is new technology in support of their
national mission requirements.

How we helped
Professionals from Guiding Beacon helped the
agency evaluate their risk, compare their program to
other similar program, determine the alternatives to
grow the program and develop a realistic plan and
budget.  This agency is now implementing this
program on a national level based on the planning
and analysis conducted by Guiding Beacon.

Services Performed
  • Worked with program management to
    understand their needs and the new technology.
  • Identified challenges and barriers to expanding
    the capability nationwide.
  • Performed a comprehensive risk analysis.
  • Analyzed the successes and challenges of
    similar programs.
  • Prepared a comprehensive feasibility feport for
    senior management.
  • Developed start-up and on-going budgets.
Case Study
Guiding Beacon's professionals help Forensic, Law Enforcement
and Public Safety professionals tackle the most difficult problems.
Avril a member of the Guiding Beacon Forensic Canine Program.
The Guiding Beacon
Working Dog School is
dedicated to training ,
testing  and fielding
exceptional working
dogs in support of
forensic, public safety
and environmental