Experienced professionals to help you solve your
most difficult problems. We offer your company a
full spectrum of end-to-end consulting services
from initial strategic planning and analysis
through implementation and IT support.

  • Complex Web Systems
  • IT Strategy
  • SAP/ERP and Enterprise Systems
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Business and Program Planning and
  • Change Management
  • Competitive and Market Research
  • Start-up and Small Business Consulting
  • Temporary Senior Management
Beacon Solutions
The Experience to Help you Succeed
Public Safety Services Group
Management and Technology
The Guiding Beacon Public Services Group helps
low enforcement and public safety agencies
tackle their most difficult problems

  • Program Development
  • Feasibility Studies and Analysis
  • Strategic Technology Solutions
  • Technology Development and
  • Working Dog School
  • Public Safety Technology Development
Guiding Beacon Solutions, provides highly skilled technology, business and industry professionals
that will meet and exceed your expectations. At Guiding Beacon Solutions, we believe the best way
for our clients to be successful it to provide them with the best consultants. Instead of sending a
large number of inexperienced staff to "learn on your project", we have highly experienced, skilled
professionals ready to provide superior support and problem resolution at a reasonable price.