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VICTIMSwill provide a federally-sponsored national database of unidentified human remains that will organize
the effort of Law Enforcement, Medical Examiners and Coroners, Missing Persons Clearinghouse personnel,
other forensic specialists in th identification field and the public.  This coordinated effort can ultimately give
closure to thousands of families searching for missing loved ones and assist existing Law Enforcement efforts
in solving Missing Persons and Fugitive cases.
Quick Facts
    Active - Ongoing

Guiding Beacon Solutions is the prime contractor
to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for the
VICTIMS Project.  Under this contract, Guiding
Beacon is providing both the technology and
data collection efforts for the VICTIMS Project.
Ultimately , VICTIMS will impact the forensic community and the public by creating and environment capable of assisting a variety of forensic professionals in melding
their data for the analytical comparison between missing persons and unidentified human remains records, as well as an environment where friend andfamilies of
missing persons can easily search all of the unidentified records in the United States for their loved one in pursuit of making an identification.

What type of information can be entered into VICTIMS?
All forms of information that may assist in the identification of unidentified human remains: case data, photographs, facial reconstructions, anthropological data,
radiographs, dental charts, etc. You may send records in digital or hardcopy format. Digital information may be emailed or sent by CD or DVD. Hardcopy information
may be sent by fax, mail, or scanned and emailed.

Who can search VICTIMS?
Anyone will be able to search VICTIMS. However, certain case-sensitive information will only be available to authorized individuals.

If I provide data from unidentified remains cases to the FBI for entry into the VICTIM System, will the FBI take over those cases?
No. The FBI has developed the VICTIM System to assist interested parties in there effort to solve unidentified human remains cases. Data submitted for entry into the
system remains under the authority of the submitting office.

Who can submit records to be entered into VICTIMS?
Members of the Forensic Identification Community: Law Enforcement personnel, medical examiners, coroners, forensic artists, etc.

In the future will I be able to enter these records myself?
Yes, a role-based data entry capability is in development. When active, members of the Forensic Identification Community will be able to enter records of the
unidentified, and designate what information is available for viewing or access by others.

What file types can I send?
Text Content: Microsoft Excel, CSV (Comma Separated Values), Fixed Length Text, or other delimited
Graphics/Pictures: JPG, GIF preferred, TIFF, BMP

We will also take hardcopy photos, scan and return them to you.  Special arrangements for other formats can be made by calling or emailing.

Who do I send these records to?
All records are submitted through the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Members of the Forensic Identification Community should contact the Guiding Beacon
Solutions - Public Safety Technology Development Center at or (215) 837-9493 to obtain the FBI submission Information.
The mission of the VICTIMS project is:
to identify unknown human remains cases through the development of a
comprehensive, internet accessible, centralized, national database, which is
interoperable with existing federal data systems and to provide support to
forensic identification officials and the public.